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Categoría: Español / 12 de abril de 2013
Monytor Semanal No 58 - 12 de abril de 2013
Resumen semanal de las principales novedades monetarias y financieras de Argentina y el mundo.

Fuente: Elypsis

Categoría: English / 16 de noviembre de 2011
Brookings Latin American Economic Perspectives - November 2011
The global outlook worsened in the second quarter of 2011 as stimulus programs failed to achieve self-sustained growth in the developed world, leading to a downward revision of past economic data and future growth prospects. Output gaps that may be larger than previously thought plus the eventual risk of a disorderly default in Europe kept risks tilted downward. In China, growth is still about 9 percent, but inflation is inducing a monetary tightening that may hinder growth.

Categoría: English / 15 de abril de 2011
Brookings Latin American Economic Perspectives - April 2011
Overheating and inflationary pressures in Latin America are rising, and many financial regulators wonder whether domestic credit is already growing excessively. On the fiscal front, the region is now facing the well-known fact that tightening during an upturn is harder than loosening during a recession.

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